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Youth Leadership.

The new generation is much more aware of the sustainability issues that face this world, in terms of the harmony and peace in the world and the environment and climate change challenges.   Adults have an opportunity to provide opportunities for them to learn and grow differently, to be more reflective and intuitive, have self awareness and confidence to balance between the external and internal worlds.

We design experiential training interventions to provoke these minds by bringing in contemplative practices such as breathing, meditation and yogic exercises, so they become more centered and take responsibility for way they see and act in the world.   They will also learn about leadership and the power they have to effect change in their surroundings to create harmony and protect nature.

We will design these programs based on the needs and goals and they can be for one day to multi day camps.

Lalith Gunaratne is an International Trainer on Leadership through Sports and Arts and has worked with youth in Asia, Africa and Canada over the years. 

He has also trained by the British Council in United Kingdom as a Trainer for adults to become facilitators of Youth Leadership Programs.
Lalith Gunaratne
CET, Dip Mech Eng (ON)
Dip Mkt (CIM), MSc (Bath)

Who is Lalith Gunaratne

Lalith Gunaratne is an avid student of human behaviour.He is constantly seeking the answers to the Socratic question of "what makes a meaningful life?".He is a product of both the East and the West, which allows him to transcend cultures and understand the nature of people and relationships in a host of situations in both professional and personal settings.

His educational background covers diverse disciplines including Engineering, Marketing, Leadership and Responsible Business (CSR) and is complemented by his personal research and inquiry into the humanities covering religion,spirituality,
neuroscience and history.This affords him a unique perspective of the human condition and in particular how people endure in a competitive world of suffering and challenge.He celebrates the human spirit and its endeavour to overcome life's challenges and live a life of balance in the middle path. He is a proponent of the Power of Balance.

Lalith is a successful entrepreneur who brings both practical experience and a diverse worldview to the arena of organizational consulting, coaching, training, facilitation and corporate social responsibility. He pioneered a solar energy venture in the late 1980's which was subsequently soldto Shell Renewables International in 1999 and has intimate knowledge of setting-up and running a business.Read More

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