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Public Workshops - Power of Balance.

Power of Balance workshops are designed for half a day, one day or two day sessions.

The fast paced competitive world today has us self centered, clinging, grasping, craving and rejecting.   We have been conditioned through education and the media that we are separate from nature around us and that material goods will satisfy our needs.  Fear of losing what we have accumulated drives us to stress and disease treated with medicine to cover the symptoms.  We explore together how to become more skilful at dealing with this life, in keeping up with the world, but yet finding time to balance with a ritual of reflection, meditation and exercise.  We will explore ways to gain insights into self and the illusion of self and the ego and to gain clear intuitive knowledge and wisdom.

The sessions are primarily designed to bring in Eastern rituals and practices through breathing, meditation and yoga.   The experiential activities are complemented by presentations on Eastern and Western philosophies and how it has impacted the sustainability of the world today and its impacts on individual well-being.  Lively discussions are encouraged as a part of the process to bring in personal reflections as individuals develop their own path.      

The workshops will be announced and promoted through the media.

Key Note Addresses-Talks and Speeches

Lalith Gunaratne is an excellent speaker to provoke thought on the shifting paradigms and coping with the change by converging both Eastern and Western cultures and practices.   He himself has grown up in a bi-cultural environment and practiced meditation and self development from a young age, so he shares very practical insights into a way of life using the Power of Balance.   His engineering education gives him the foundation of understanding for the material world such as the basic laws of science and thermodynamics and his spiritual journey has him linking other scientific ideas of Quantum Physics, systems thinking to consciousness, spirituality of the mind and interdependency and connectedness of everything.

As such, in time of great transformation and confusion, globalization shifting towards decentralization and localization, fundamentalism and ethnic polarization towards pluralism, peak oil and moving economies towards renewable energy, shift from western medicine to holistic health and well-being, will have winners and losers and this is time for inspiration to calm, balanced and realize our common reality.

Lalith Gunaratne, explores these areas by inspiring people to move away from mere linear thinking and knowledge towards the multi dimensional reality of life through reflection and meditation where the awareness of the interconnected nature rises along with wisdom.   

Lalith Gunaratne
CET, Dip Mech Eng (ON)
Dip Mkt (CIM), MSc (Bath)

Who is Lalith Gunaratne

Lalith Gunaratne is an avid student of human behaviour.He is constantly seeking the answers to the Socratic question of "what makes a meaningful life?".He is a product of both the East and the West, which allows him to transcend cultures and understand the nature of people and relationships in a host of situations in both professional and personal settings.

His educational background covers diverse disciplines including Engineering, Marketing, Leadership and Responsible Business (CSR) and is complemented by his personal research and inquiry into the humanities covering religion,spirituality,
neuroscience and history.This affords him a unique perspective of the human condition and in particular how people endure in a competitive world of suffering and challenge.He celebrates the human spirit and its endeavour to overcome life's challenges and live a life of balance in the middle path. He is a proponent of the Power of Balance.

Lalith is a successful entrepreneur who brings both practical experience and a diverse worldview to the arena of organizational consulting, coaching, training, facilitation and corporate social responsibility. He pioneered a solar energy venture in the late 1980's which was subsequently soldto Shell Renewables International in 1999 and has intimate knowledge of setting-up and running a business.Read More

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