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Welcome to Sage Ontario for Mindful Leadership.

Business runs the world and business runs on profit.   This is a home truth.  Yet, if business runs the world, business may need to think beyond its own sphere.  For that business has to be even more profitable.   At Sage, we believe that business can be both responsible and profitable. 

A responsible business first looks after its own people, then its other people, the suppliers, customers, the community; the environment to help our planet keep its natural balance and doing all this can bring in more profits.  Hence, People, Profits and Planet.   

To evolve into a responsible business requires mindful leadership.  Being mindful is about being aware and present at all times in order to perceive yourself and what is happening around you, as it really is.  Being mindful of what you say and do has a tremendous impact on you, the people you lead and the organization.  This is a key component to being a Mindful Leader.

Mindful Leadership is required from organizational leaders, whether its business, government or non-profits, as especially organizations shape the future of our world’s sustainability through CSR.   As governments downsize, more and more power is handed over the private sector and as such the roles of all these organizations are transforming.

Business’s sustainability rests on profits and growth and the focus is on shareholder value.   With the role of business evolving, there is a shift in responsibility to be mindful of the impact of the business on society and the environment. This requires a shift in consciousness of the leaders to broaden the focus and evolve new ways of looking at value creation for stakeholders outside the business too.  This is not easy, as we are all educated with a singularity of purpose to be focussed, linear and analytical making it not easy to take into consideration, greater good for the commons.   Yet, there is proof now that being mindful about the environment and people, both internally and externally, requires business leaders to be creative and innovative and it can be even more profitable to a business.

Mindful Leaders balance between rational decision making using their IQ; managing their emotions and emotions of their team while inspiring them to act through Emotional Intelligence (EQ). These actions are based on Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) - a set of values enacted by behaviours founded on integrity, generosity, graciousness and dignity.   Creating such a balance is as much an art as it is a science.

Sage Ontario believes that organizations prosper when people serve a powerful and inspiring purpose, led by insightful, dynamic, empowering and mindful leaders who apply principles of long term-sustainability through a culture of appreciation and engagement.  Employees have a sense of purpose and pride when their organizations are responsible, first to look after their own, the community of stakeholders around them and the environment.

Mindful Leaders clearly articulating a vision and an accompanying set of values forms a core foundation for sustainability.  This motivates people working within, suppliers, customers and the public be become committed and loyal to the organization. 

Sage Ontario can facilitate organizations to achieve this focus and alignment through their consulting services.  Consultation services are tailored to meet the needs of business, non -profit and community-based organizations

Lalith Gunaratne
CET, Dip Mech Eng (ON)
Dip Mkt (CIM), MSc (Bath)

Who is Lalith Gunaratne

Lalith Gunaratne is an avid student of human behaviour.He is constantly seeking the answers to the Socratic question of "what makes a meaningful life?".He is a product of both the East and the West, which allows him to transcend cultures and understand the nature of people and relationships in a host of situations in both professional and personal settings.

His educational background covers diverse disciplines including Engineering, Marketing, Leadership and Responsible Business (CSR) and is complemented by his personal research and inquiry into the humanities covering religion,spirituality,
neuroscience and history.This affords him a unique perspective of the human condition and in particular how people endure in a competitive world of suffering and challenge.He celebrates the human spirit and its endeavour to overcome life's challenges and live a life of balance in the middle path. He is a proponent of the Power of Balance.

Lalith is a successful entrepreneur who brings both practical experience and a diverse worldview to the arena of organizational consulting, coaching, training, facilitation and corporate social responsibility. He pioneered a solar energy venture in the late 1980's which was subsequently soldto Shell Renewables International in 1999 and has intimate knowledge of setting-up and running a business.Read More

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